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Production Facilities
       CNC Laser cutter and plasma cutting machines
       Cutting, Bending and material preparation 
       Sandblasting and painting workshop
       Dedicated SS and CS fabrication areas
       Heavyweight crane for weights up to 100T 
       X-Ray room and NDT testing center
       Full machine shop
Laser Cutter
Max. thickness: CS: 20mm; SS: 10mm
Working area(mm): 6000×2000
Accuracy(mm): ±0.05
Rapid speed: 120m/min
Laser source: 2200W - 6000W
Fully digital CNC controlled
HD Plasma Cutting Machines
Max. thickness: CS: 35mm; SS: 20mm
Working area(mm): 5000×15000
Fully digital CNC controlled
CNC Bending Machine
Nom. Pressure: 2500KN
Max. Width: 4000mm
Automatic Tube Sheet Welder
High efficiency with perfect formation
Large Horizontal Lathe
Processing diameter of 1.6m with processing length of 10m
 Painting Workshop
Max. equipment size: 18m×6m×6m
For painting the whole equipment to preserve newness
Sand Blasting Workshop
Max. equipment size: 18m×6m×6m
To ensure a polished finish for any equipment
Dedicated SS And CS Fabrication Areas
Assembly Workshop
Heavyweight Crane
Two cranes for each workshop lay with a lifting height of 15m and maximum lifting weight of up to 100T
X-Ray Detection Room
Max. size: 17m×6m×5m
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