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Quality Control

     Fabrication Quality Control

     龙8娱乐国际 strictly complies with ISO9001 Quality Management system and ASME/PED quality standards. We are equipped with a professional quality management team of over 30 individuals. Our goal is to ensure that our customers receive products of  the highest quality. 

     We have implemented a Total Quality Management (TQM) system with 7 QC techniques at various points throughout the fabrication process, such as:
      •  Procurement of raw materials
      •  Intermediate inspections during manufacturing
      •  Final inspection of finished products

      Engineering Quality Control

    Once finalized design documents are available and fabrication begins, we implement a quality control system to guarantee product quality throughout the entire manufacturing process.
      • Quality control before construction
             •  Review the contracts, technical documents and drawings
             •  Review the schedule and construction plan
             •  Inspect the raw materials and equipment
             •  Detailed planning to meet each requirement of the construction process
             •  Review construction conditions

      • Quality Control during construction
             •  Quality control applied during each step
             •  Setting various quality check points
             •  Operator self-inspection, mutual inspection and supervision inspections implemented
             •  Sub-contracted and purchased item quality acceptance
             •  Final acceptance of project
             •  EHS
             •  ISO 14001
             •  Fully comply whth all relevant goverment laws and regulations

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